What to Expect

Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in this page.family

If you are a present or past worshiper, you will probably know what you are looking for in a church, so why not come and see if we can provide it? At the very least we hope you will find that you feel welcomed, at home, and in God’s presence.

If you are new to faith, or wondering about it, you are likely to have more questions than we can answer here – you’re very welcome to get in touch with us and we will try to try to help you with whatever you want to know.

Everyone has questions before they try something new. We’ve tried to answer some of the common things that people want to know, but if we’ve missed anything, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.

Covid-19 guidelines

Under the present guidelines for Churches, you are asked to enter the Church through the door at the top of the ramp, wearing face-covering and use the hand-sanitiser in the porch, before entering the foyer. Here you will met the Elder on duty, who will ask for your contact details (for ‘tracking and tracing’) or invite you to use the ‘barcode’ if you have a smartphone with the Covid-19 ‘app’ installed. At the end of the service, please exit though the other door, through the chapel.

What is a service like?

In our Sunday morning services, you will find something for everyone, both new visitors and regular members.

The 9.00am Service Is a time of Bible study, prayer, and contemplation

The 10:30am service is “traditional” as far as possible under Covid-19 guidelines with hymns from “Rejoice and Sing” or “Mission Praise” either played but not sung,  or spoken as poetry. The service is led by a minister or Lay-Preacher and occasionally by members of our “Worship Team”. There are readings from the Bible, prayers and a sermon. Music is provided by a grand piano, or an electronic “hymnal” and occasionally on our fine organ.

There’s no pressure to take part. We’re very happy for you to come along and see what worshiping here is like. If anything seems unfamiliar, feel free to ask elder on duty at the door, or someone sitting nearby.

How long are your services?

Our 9.00am Service lasts an hour, the 10:30am about 40 minutes

Will I know what to do?

Most people find their first visit to church more informal than they expected. We’re a friendly group of people, and our services are set up so you can relax and get to know us as a church.  at 11.00am, Service sheets are provided when there are hymns that are not in the books, or there are prayers that you are invited to join in with.

What about Communion?

Sharing bread and wine is an important part of our church community. It reminds us what Jesus did for us.  We currently have Communion once a month, at 10:30am. You are invited to bring a piece of bread, but we keep a supply of gluten-free wafers. Nonalcoholic wine is provided in individual glasses, and water is also available

Everyone is invited to the Lord’s table – no-one is excluded, it’s His table, not the church’s – but you can ask for a prayer or blessing instead if you prefer – please just ask when you arrive in the church.

What should I wear?

Please dress as you feel comfortable. Our congregation attends dressed in anything from casual to dressed-up. Take your pick!

What happens to my children during the service?

Children are welcomed at services, and there are toys and activities available for their use during the service, either in church or in the foyer which is next to the worship area.  This is where parents can retreat with their children see and hear what is happening in the service through speakers and a large window.

We have a full safeguarding policy in place, and review this regularly.

Do I have to give money to the collection?

Absolutely not. there is no collection during the service, but a bucket is provided at the back of the Church if want to put a donation in on your way out

Many church members and regular attenders support the work of the church through cash donations, standing orders, or using envelopes that allow us to receive Gift Aid on donations.

What about prayer?

Prayer is at the heart of our church life, and we believe that it can really make a difference in people’s lives. It’s one of the ways we can discover that God loves and cares about everyone and is with us always.

In addition to prayer during worship (spoken or silent) –

We are available after worship for anyone who asks for prayer

Prayer requests may be emailed to us at strand-church-news@outloo.com

What next?

Even if it’s your first visit to church, we hope you have a great experience, and that you’ll encounter the God who is so important to all of us. We believe God offers a promise and a hope to everyone, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for others to discover this for the first time. Sunday services are a great place to do this, but if you want to do something different, just have a chat with one of the service leaders or elders.

Please remember, if you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us, or just ask someone when you arrive. There’s always a welcome team member on the door if you’re not sure who to ask.

Do come and visit. We’ll be pleased to welcome you.